Signing the contract for the reconstruction of Jatho’s Flying Machine

A declared aim of AK TIG-working group in the past few years was to reproduce the 1903 Jatho-Drachen (Flying Machine). It was with this machine that the Hanoverian Karl Jatho managed the first ever powered flight on August 18th 1903 – four months before the Wright brothers.

The Haus & Grundeigentümer Bürgerstiftung (Trust) succeeded in raising the necessary 150,000 Euro by donations. These came from the Sparda-Bank-Trust and the Lottery-Trust of Lower Saxony. The Lower Saxony Minister of Economy and Transport Walter Hirche was appointed patron. The ceremonial signing of the contract by the experienced aircraft constructor Harald Lohmann took place during a flying exhibition. The maiden flight is to be repeated on September 3rd 2006 after 103 years.
                                                                                                                                                   Joachim Feldmann


Ceremonial signing of the contract

from left

•  Rainer Beckmann, Head of Haus & Grundeigentümer Hanover,
•  Main sponsor Klaus Woyna, Head of Sparda-Bank Hanover,
•  Aircraft constructor Harald Lohmann,
•  Rita Pawelski for the co-sponsor Lottery-Trust
•  and Walter Hirche, the Minister of Transport
   in Lower Saxony and patron of the Jatho project


Comparing the size:

The Jatho-Machine 1903
on the wing of an A 380 in the year 2005


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